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It is said that “Measures for Global Warming” and “Preservation of Biological Diversity” are significant environmental issues at present. As company activities are specifically influential to the warming, compatibility between business development and reservation of environment is the major problem to us.


To establish ecological society with sustainability

Now that our society is in the stage where increasing greenhouse gases are surely changing the environment, it is urgent issues to improve power efficiency, to change into recyclable energy, and to promote resource recycle.
We think that contribution to such sustainable society is our mission, through ecological activities for saving resources and energy and for reducing waste, and development of new products to improve power efficiency, as well as development of our original metal plastic processing technologies for products that had only been produced with casting or hot forming that consumes more energy.

“Eco Action Nagano” and our address to “Eco Action 21”
“Eco Action Nagano”“Eco Action 21”

We are challenging environmental preservation activities.

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