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Our mission through TimeStamping is to sense the current trend in industries and signs of future technologies so as to timely deliver sophisticated plastic processing beyond conventional pressing process to customers.


We call TimeStamping the general but sophisticated press technologies developed originally.  TimeStamping represents the timely delivery of stamped parts.  It is a sign of our intention that we try to develop processing technologies in order to satisfy customersf requirements anytime.

TimeStamping Series

End Lap
Make sheared section specular through blanking.
Round Forming
Make pressed section functional. (Round, tapered, and trapezoidal are available)
Part bonding free from axial calking or spot welding.
Precision cold forging(Net Shape)
Use press to produce precision parts that have been made with machining, die-casting or lost-wax process.
Precision Coining
Supply parts with complicated geometry that were difficult for machining, at stable precision.
Amorphous metal blanking
Use a cobalt-based amorphous metal (HV1000-1300) for quick mass blanking of precision parts.
Water Lock (Precision drawing)
Create dynamic balance of rotating parts without machining. (e.g. Spindle motor yoke)
Charge Blanking
General press with precision, tooling conditions, die life and product costs superior to fine blanking.
Shaver Cut
Removal of axial calking and improvement in magnetic property.
Mountain Forming
Removal of multiple axial calking.
Precision Spring
Approved by leading companies as a spring supplier.
Use press to produce springs with high precision that is hard to guarantee through multi forming.
Cold Express
Precision radiator parts to be produced with press to ensure high precision and inexpensive cost, the parts having ever been produced through machining or etching.
FF Cut
Precision blanking of chemical products and laminated sheets made of rubber, resin or film.
Net Slider
Long tapered surface formed on an edge of a material.
Radiators with wide flexibility
Cavitied radiator panel integrated with fins to reduce thermal resistance to chip at the maximum, resulting in effective heat radiation.
Micro solid
Formation of fine fins that were difficult with conventional processing. Integration with radiator plate ensures compact and high-performance radiator.
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