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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy of Nakamura Mfg. is described hereunder.


1. We, at Nakamura Mfg. Co., Ltd., shall not liable for any troubles, losses or damages that could arise from information placed in the website Nakamura is operating (, hereunder referred to as “Nakamura's website”), or through the use of the website.

2. Nakamura Mfg. shall not assure any contents of Nakamura's website. In the event a user should have a trouble with a third party on the use of the website that could include wrong information, the company shall not be responsible for such trouble. The company shall not be liable for any accidents on software or hardware arising from the use of the website, or any damages therefrom.

3. Nakamura Mfg. shall not be liable, with any reason, for any damages arising from any change in information or file name placed in Nakamura's website, or interruption or discontinuance of the website. The company shall not either responsible for the contents of websites linked to our website.

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Privacy Policy

1. We, at Nakamura Mfg. Co., Ltd., highly respect personal information provided from users through the website Nakamura is operating (, hereunder referred to as “Nakamura's website”), and control in place with an administrator so as to prevent such information discharging outside. The company takes safety measures at appropriate and reasonable level for the risks such as external unauthorized access, loss, destruction and falsification, so as to protect users' personal information.

2. Nakamura Mfg. may require users to register users' personal information such as mail address, name, address and birthday in the appropriate scope for information distribution service. The company shall use such information only for identification and confirmation of the service or the users.

3. The company shall not disclose users' personal information to a third party other than our outsourcing agency without consent of the users. However if a public organization like a court or police should demands disclosure, such information may be disclosed without consent of users.

4. It is free for a user to confirm, change or delete his or her personal information on Nakamura's website.

5. The company shall review from time to time the way of handling users' personal information, and the contents of the above items to complete our website.