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In 1999, The birth of one press working part surprised the world.

Kazuto Arai in die design section

Challenge to the world's first HDD Base making.

It's a power to new way to enjoy to music

In 1999. Our company 'NAKAMURA' was making parts, for 2.5inch Hard Disk Drive, using our original press process.
And then, our customer 'T' wax began to development of the 1.8 inch hard disk drive. and we were receiving a offer,'Can you make the hard disk drive's base by press process?'
Why not?  If we do this then it may be the first production in the world.
'Do challenge to seems impossible' It's our policy.
It passed after a development start one year, and all the special teams member were finally satisfied. The world first 1.8 inch HDD base producing by press process. It was formed unity. And it was lightly thinly compact, and including maximum 4GB disk. It had high strength, and as for the crash-worthiness is about ten times as much in comparison with the thing made by a die-casting.It was originally developed for PCs. After a while, there was a demand from the unexpected customer. That's a company 'A' in America. They said that they wanted to use it as parts of the under-development digital audio player in those days. It was an epoch-making product which tries to replace conventional CD and MD. In 2001, the new portable music player including Nakamura's HDD was soon carried out after sale, and swept over the world. and then Nakamura's technology known by the world. The new mini type released three years later. It's  recorded a total sales of 100 million units. Nakamura's compact 1-inch size HDD base was used to all over them.

Kazuto Arai
The Die Development Division

Tetuya Fujimura

We made a press mold over 100cm size.

for the dream(for making 1.8 inch HDD)

A die for 1.8 inch HDD base-plate was developed from Drafts of company T's. It was a complex design for Nakamura's engineers who is expert  of precision die to experience for the first time. And  1/1000 mm the tolerance of it, was demanding, *Cpk was 1.6 in the tolerance of all. We used all of our techniques and know-how. Finally, just 1.8-inch HDD base to make die dimensions had become more then 100 centimeters. 20th stage was a stage for finishing it off, became more then 300 parts.
We requested from  our customer to expansion of the production system for stable mass production and expansion of the quality control system to guarantee the quality, for company A's music player with die development. This product line extends to the world, And HDD base is the important part would be the starting point. Equipped to fully protect the quality and delivery time. And beg an production for the world market given a go-ahead undergo rigorous testing. Continued production of full operation, press the sound resounded in the plant without stopping. Stop production dunning the number of years A company HDD base once as HDD base due to production line does not forgive. Also among the pride of Nakamura.

The first times "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award"

In 2005, based on the above results, we are making first has won the "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award"  Awarded Excellence Prize. What development of our company's 10 employees were awarded as a master.


Press method for (world first) ultra-compact electronic memory base - succeeded in development and commercialization