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Amorphous Metal Blanking

Quick and precision presswork of cobalt-based amorphous metal (HV1000-1300), which is referred to Metal Glass and has excellent magnetic properties and high hardness, for mass production
See TimeStamping Series #6 Amorphous Metal Blanking


Charge Blanking

General presswork for parts with less dullness and breakage (Fine blanking)
See TimeStamping Series #8

Cold Express

Presswork of various radiator parts of high precision that were conventionally produced by half etching method
See TimeStamping Series #12

CT Escargot

Cavitied radiator panel integrated with fins to directly radiate heat
Just suitable for radiators for semiconductor
See TimeStamping Series #16


End Lap

Make sheared section specular through Nakamura's original blanking method.
TimeStamping Series #1

Escargot Gyro Fin

Micro-fins integrated with radiator panel provide a compact and high-performance radiator that has many fins in a small area.
TimeStamping Series #17 Micro Solid



Presswork of radiator integrated with flexible fins
TimeStamping Series #15


Micro Solid

Micro-fins integrated with radiator panel
The minimum interval between fins as short as 0.1mm
TimeStamping Series #17


Net Slider

Formation of long tapered surface on an edge of material
TimeStamping Series #14


Round Forming

Make pressed section functional. (Round, tapered, trapezoidal …)
TimeStamping Series #2

Shaper Cut

Presswork to create high studs on a thin sheet
Progressive pressing process including cut and collection step
TimeStamping Series #9



Integrated forming of multiple axes
High strength and VE effect
TimeStamping Series #3

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